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Montreal to NYC on Amtrak Adirondack

Train travel has been my favorite method of transportation since I first set foot on one in Britain when I was 19. Nothing beats it if time is not an issue. I didn’t get another chance to ride one, however, until I was 22, when I traveled to San Diego and back on the Amtrak San Joaquin. This was the trip on which I hatched my honeymoon plan, figuring out how to acquire thousands of Amtrak Guest Rewards points through the co-branded Chase Amtrak Card (now gone) and Chase Ultimate Rewards. It proved to be a kick-starter to my points and miles travel hobby.


Amtrak Adirondack in the snow. Image courtesy of New York By Rail blog.

As part of our recent trip to Canada, my wife and I rode the entire length of the Adirondack Amtrak route, departing from Montreal in the morning and arriving at New York Penn Station late in the evening. Most of our train travel experiences have been in long-distance, first-class sleeper accommodations, but this route is only a single day trip, and it was our first journey in coach since 2013. I was hoping it would be better than the Amtrak San Joaquin.

2016-01-09 10.26.41

Bye, Montreal! Sad to be leaving, but excited to see New York again!

As we boarded the train in Montreal, I immediately noticed two things. First, it was only a single-level train, and most that I have ridden have been double-decker Superliner cars. This indicated to me that the route is not especially popular. Second, I wondered for a few minutes if we were in business class since the seats on the train had more legroom than any other coach class that I had ever ridden. I half expected the conductor to come by and re-seat us when he saw our coach tickets! I have yet to ride business class on a train, though, so I really do not know what it is like and have no yardstick for comparison.

The seats were very comfortable, there were adequate power outlets, and the tray was the perfect height for me to work from my laptop while we wound our way past lake Champlain and along the Hudson River toward the Big Apple. Overall, the coach felt less cramped and more comfortable than other trains I have ridden. Coach on the Adirondack is definitely a step up from the San Joaquin, and I would venture to say it was better than our first experience on VIA Rail.

2016-01-09 13.54.40

Winding along Lake Champlain.

The scenery was exquisite along Lake Champlain. We saw men ice fishing on frozen sections of lake, snow covered hills in the distance, and beautiful winter forest landscape for many miles. The WiFi was spotty as well for this stretch, so I spent more of the time taking in the scenery and cuddling with my lovely wife than getting any work done. For a total of $16, the on board cafe provided both lunch and dinner of a packaged wrap and sandwich. I missed the dining car, a feature of long-distance trains.

One of the only complaints I have about the trip is how bumpy the ride was over a few sections. I would be busily debugging a block of code when we would hit a patch of…..something (turbulent rail?), and I would have to hold onto my laptop to keep it from flying off the tray table. These jittery sections were intermittent, but occurred frequently enough that I had to be careful with my computer.

Other than that, the entire ride was pleasant. By the time that I was wishing that we were already in New York and checked into the Element Times Square, there was only an hour of train ride left. The trip was also the best of two worlds: it was a long enough trip to enjoy the scenery and train travel in general, but it wasn’t an overnight. Overnights are fun, but only if you’re in a sleeper car.

2016-01-10 18.47.50

We de-trained at Penn Station in New York, caught a cab to the hotel (since the Uber app on my phone is ridiculously slow when I am not on WiFi), made a quick food run, and then slowly fell asleep with a view of the Empire State Building. It was a good day.


Our Honeymoon: An Introduction to Travel Rewards

By December of 2011 I had been engaged for 9 months and was about to be engaged for 6 more. Yeah. Way too long. I was also just beginning to give some real thought to the whole idea of where my soon-to-be-wife and I would go on our honeymoon. So I packed my bags and headed to Mexico. Ok….this was not why. I was headed on a trip to see a friend who does ministry with women and children who have been victims of human trafficking, and who also helps run homes for them. He is an amazing man with an amazing calling. See the results of one of his most recent operations here.

The trip to Mexico provided me with the initial idea that turned into a 2 1/2 week honeymoon adventure. I was taking a long (but cheap) trip by bus and train on Amtrak to San Diego from northern California. And by northern, I really mean northern, like 4+ hours north of San Francisco. The Bay Area will only ever be northern California if the state of Jefferson comes into existence. But that is a completely unrelated story and I digress.

The Amtrak trip was painfully long, and I arrived in SD about 5:00 a.m. after leaving Humboldt the previous morning. I was exhasuted. First light came as I was taking the trolley to the border, which I walked across, and then caught a cheap van taxi to Rosarito, where my friend lived at the time. THIS is what you call cheap travel.

While I was at Santa Fe Station in downtown SD, however, a sign caught my eye regarding the Chase Amtrak co-branded Mastercard. I didn’t give it much thought, initially, but I browsed the Amtrak Guest Rewards website while in Rosarito, and on my way to Tijuana on a day trip, everything clicked: I could apply for the card and get enough points for a sleeper redemption to Denver. We will spend our honeymoon in the Rockies.

I texted my fiancé at the time and said: “We are on our way to Tijuana today. I just had the best idea for a honeymoon.” Looking back….that came out completely wrong. And it is painfully obvious how my completely unrelated thoughts indicated to her that I wanted to take her to Tijuana on our honeymoon. I am fortunate I didn’t get a text back saying: “If that is your idea of a honeymoon, this relationship is over.” I had a bit of explaining to do for the rest of the day as I sorted this one out.

Brief stop in Fraser, CO

Fast-forward a month, and I had successfully applied not only for that Chase Amtrak Mastercard, but also for a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa, from which I transferred all the points to the Amtrak Guest Rewards program. After purchasing another 2,500 points for about $70, I redeemed them for one amazing train trip. Our first leg went from Martinez (north Bay Area), California to Denver, Colorado where we stayed for a few days in the Rockies, like I had initially wanted to do. But I added more. From there we flew on Delta to New York City, a place to which my wife had always dreamed of going, and spent another 4 amazing days. From there it was free train travel for the remainder of the trip, with a stopover in New Orleans for two nights, as we headed back from New York City to Klamath Falls via the Crescent, Sunset Limited, and Coast Starlight routes. It was an experience of a lifetime, and got me hooked on the travel rewards game. Those two credit cards that provided my wife and I with an experience that we will never forget, and could never have afforded (essentially $3,500+ of first-class train travel for $70 out of pocket). now we plan to have many more.


New York City: My wife looking out over Central Park from the Top of the Rockefeller Center