Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary is on the record saying free flights may be a thing within a decade. Skeptical? The Secret Flying blog has the details. Supposedly the sharing of airport retail profits and reductions and/or abolition of the air passenger duty could make this a reality for select routes.

Or maybe Ryanair’s CEO was being overly sensational to simply draw headlines.

The idea is certainly appealing, and with the crazy fare sales that RyanAir sometimes offers, free flights don’t seem entirely out of the question. With their business model, however, only expect your seat to be free. Oh, you have luggage? That’ll cost you.

While I am still inclined to disbelieve Michael O’Leary’s outlandish claim, the general trend in airfare prices has been nothing but a good for the consumer for the past several decades. Flight prices were reported to hit a 7-year low this past summer, and if the current fare sales are any indicator, next year could be even better. Low cost airlines like WOW, Norwegian, and RyanAir are pulling prices down through increased competition. Norwegian’s CEO plans to offer $69 trans-Atlantic one-way flights.

Free flights are quite a claim. We’ll see what becomes reality.