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Map of All My Hotel Stays

Putting together a map of all hotels I’ve stayed at over the years is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Yes, I will freely admit it. I am a total map geek. I’ll often find myself browsing Google Maps for fun. My wife even bought me a great travel map with magnetic pins for Christmas.

Even though this may seem like a lot of useless data, it was actually a super fun exercise. One of the issues was where to draw the line in terms of how far back I would try and recollect. There are trips back when I was a teen that I can hardly remember.

I settled on starting with our honeymoon trip. This was really the very first trip that I can say I did any sort of travel hacking (SEE: Our Honeymoon: An Introduction to Travel Rewards), and getting married it is a great definitive starting point.

My hotel map

I organized the map by hotel chain. A also added data for year, number of nights, and other details I might want to quickly export to a spreadsheet.

This was a great exercise, although I’m not quite done with all the extra data. I’d never made a Google Map, and this was easier than I figured it might be. While I could have imported the data (and would have *if* I already had it compiled) to create this, it was easy enough to simply search for the hotels one by one and add as appropriate.

Moving forward

I plan to keep it updated. Similarly, I also track my flights via OpenFlights, something that I will write about later. Their site isn’t the prettiest, but it works well.


  1. HI.. You mentioned a travel map with magnetic points you got from your wife. Do you know how I could get one of those for my husband please? Brand, etc. Thanks. Pat

    • pointsmileslife

      August 6, 2017 at 8:21 PM

      Hi Pat,

      I am 99% sure it is this Home Magnetics one:


      The few reviews aren’t all that great, but mine has held up well. Price is a bit steep, IMO. Dan Miller, another blogger who I write for, got his on Groupon for less than $50.

      I emailed the company several weeks ago, and they sent me a second set of starter magnetic pins (in the same ratio, which I wanted, and you can’t purchase).

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