Now that the news is out (at least to my Facebook connections) that I have started up a travel blog, I would like to share some of the best resources that I have utilized over the last few years.

Learning the ropes of “travel hacking” doesn’t happen overnight, but there are some great tools for kickstarting your own knowledge on how to easily accrue and best burn miles and points.

These are my top 7 favorite travel blogs that I have found incredibly helpful over the past 4 years:

  1. Travel Is Free – Drew Macomber is the king of exploring the ins and outs out various hotel and frequent flier programs, and he is able to pinpoint the best awards. He and his wife Carrie (who runs her own site, Freakin’ Flyers) lived nomadically for a couple years, stretching their miles and points so that they were able to live out of 4-star hotels on a budget below U.S. poverty level. When I need answers on a specific program, or simply want to explore award options, I head to his resources page. Drew and Carrie’s blogs were my inspiration to launch my own blog.
  2. Mommy Points – Summer Hull is a fantastic writer who covers a variety of topics, from award redemptions and flight deals, to trip reports, shopping deals, and reflection on her own travel experiences. She has written some of the best posts I have ever read from the half dozen bloggers I follow. I also just won an Amex Centurion Lounge Pass in her recent giveaway.
  3. Points With A Crew – Dan Miller has his hands full with SIX children, but somehow carves out time to blog, resell gift cards for both points and profits, and manage a slack channel of travel hackers. He is a great resource for family travel ideas and atypical ways to accrue points for his large family. He likes to not dress up when flying first-class and whines sometimes, but we all still love him.
  4. Miles To Memories – Shawn Coomer is one of the kings of deals. His main forte is manufactured spending, although he does also provide insight on credit card signups and a variety of other topics. Check out his resource section. I especially like his post on debt.
  5. View From The Wing – Gary Leff is the self-proclaimed “thought leader in travel” and has a long history with travel and travel hacking. He covers the news in the travel world extensively. He has some great insight into the airline industry and loyalty programs, as well as credit card deals and general travel tips.
  6. The Points Guy – No collection of blogs would be complete without Brian Kelly, a.k.a. The Points Guy. Brian took his blog from a daily post and grew it to a full time business that is now owned by a financial services company. While he may write about some of the utterly ridiculous travel he does (that the vast people will never do), his blog does provide some very useful info as well.
  7. Nomadic Matt – I just recently rediscovered his website and blog (via Instagram, oddly enough). He is the author of a NYT best-seller: How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. Nomadic Matt has a huge collection of resources for purchase, from ebooks, to budget city guides, to full business courses on web-based enterprises. His content (at east what I have read and seen) is all great quality.

I hope you find any or all of these travel hacking resources useful and enjoyable!