Yesterday I noticed a new promotion on United’s website, offering 500 United MileagePlus miles for enrolling in Visa checkout. The offer is only available to MileagePlus Visa cardholders. To take advantage of the promotion, visit the promo website, enter your United MileagePlus number, and then proceed to either log into your Visa Checkout account or create a new account.

The terms of the promotion offer 500 miles for enrolling in Visa Checkout with a United MileagePlus Visa and making a purchase of at least $5, using your newly enrolled MileagePlus Visa, within 15 days of enrolling. What is not clear to me is if only truly new accounts are eligible for the promotion, or if existing accounts are eligible if the MileagePlus Visa card added is new to the account. The offer is valid through 09/30/2016, so take advantage of it if you can.