San Marino has long been on my list of places that intrigue me. When I was about 13 years old, my parents got me the Encyclopedia of World Geography, and I pretty much read it cover to cover. It was through that book that I was introduced to the tiny Republic of San Marino. I had no clue that there was another entire country situated entirely within Italy in addition to The Vatican. As I read, the history fascinated me, and the few photos shown in the book were stunning.

An tiny enclave within Italy, San Marino is the world’s oldest surviving republic. According to tradition, San Marino was founded in the 4th century by Saint Marinus and a group of christians seeking to escape persecution.

The old city of San Marino, situated high on Monte Titano, is near the middle of the country. It was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 2008.

Less than a week ago I got to visit this insanely cool country and walk its streets! I figured I would share some of the highlights my wife and I captured through the lens of our camera. Enjoy.


View to the northwest of the first tower.

san_marino adriatic_view

Borgo Maggiore and Serravalle in the foreground, Rimini and the Adriatic in the distance.

san_marino church

Basilica di San Marino.

san_marino cross

View to the west toward Tuscany. 

san_marino gate

One of the gates into the old city.

san_marino edge_of_world

Second tower. Feels like the top of the world.

san_marino crest

San Marino Coat Of Arms.

san_marino old_city

Citta di San San Marino from above.

san_marino crossbowmen

Sammarinesi Crossbowmen Federation.

san_marino first_tower

Fantastic view of the first tower from the second tower.