The camera problem should be solved. In this day and age, virtually everyone has a cell phone that doubles as a camera. Not especially long ago, cell phone pictures weren’t all that great, but that has rapidly changed. After messing with my wife’s new iPhone 6, I realized that it rivaled the actual camera we own in regard to picture quality. So much for ever really investing in a camera again. The cell phone is both much more compact and does all sorts of handy other things. Like make calls.

My own cell phone has sufficed well for most of my photo needs, although I have been too cheap for the likes of an iPhone 6. But now I am currently feeling the loss of even that. Something has happened to either the lens or the sensor. Two blue lines appear in the photo, ruining all pictures except those taken in the brightest light. It is on the list to be handled before our trip to Europe this summer, but I am loathe to spend even the cost of insurance deductible on a new one. At only 5 months old, I had hoped this phone would last quite a while longer. Still, having a working camera is a must for this trip. And for the travel blogger I am kinda, sorta trying to be.

2016-06-06 18.35.56

Just a nice hotel room shot…..with some extra obnoxious blue lines.