It’s been a crazy two days. I don’t want to go into details, but I spent 3+ hours on the phone yesterday coordinating logistics for one of our survey crews whose rental car broke down in the middle of nowhere, and then 6 hours on the road today delivering them a new vehicle. When I finally arrived back in the office, I had nearly 20 emails on my desk and even more in my personal junk email. I quickly began sifting through all the messages that had piled up.

Which is when I found it. Luckily, I sift through my junk emails pretty meticulously, but I nearly deleted an email inviting me and a friend to TPG’s San Francisco Reader Meet Up tomorrow evening!!! Man, what an incredible opportunity! Here is the email invitation:


Then the panic set in. Am I able to go? What do I have scheduled over tomorrow and Sunday? Who could I bring? Where do I stay? How can I make this cheap since we are trying to save money this month? Do I use points or cash? Aaaaaaahhh!!!!!

But I shouldn’t have worried. Now, barely 90 minutes later, I have it all figured out, including a great award booking, and potentially have a friend to take along! As a TPG fan and award travel aficionado, I cannot wait!