One of the nice benefits of having top-tier status with IHG is the potential for elite status matches to other programs. Even if I don’t end up using the benefits, it is nice to know that I will have a few perks if I do happen stay with the hotel groups. Sometimes just the basics will save significant money, like free premium internet and free breakfast.

My first attempt at a status match didn’t go as hoped. A friend of mine let me know about the Hyatt status match after the Marriott/Starwood news hit the press. He got his request in early, and was matched from IHG Platinum to Hyatt Diamond! I thought that was insane! Hyatt Diamond is leagues above IHG Platinum as far as perks go. I got my own request in roughly 24 hours after he did, and the Hyatt rep messaged me the next day saying that they would match my SPG Gold to…..Hyatt Platinum. Sigh. I had just gotten the co-branded Hyatt card which already gave me platinum status. I then tried again my IHG Spire. Same result. The new scuttlebutt was that they were only matching SPG Platinum members to Hyatt Diamond. Seems the rules of the game had changed.


Hyatt’s response to my status match request. I had missed the train.

But then I had two winners. The same month as my failed match to Hyatt Diamond, I filled out Best Western’s status match form and mailed it in, asking a match to my IHG Spire. They say there is ‘No Catch’, and it honestly seems true. I got my Diamond card in the mail just a few weeks later. They seem to have to have the easiest status match program out there, and it is available all the time. However, the benefits aren’t that fantastic, but my wife’s family like to stay with Best Western and I figured it was worth the 5 minutes and 49 cents to send in the form.

Best Western really does offer a “no catch” status match. Image courtesy of their website.

This winter Hilton had also been offering status matches. By the end of the promotion, they even had an easy web form in place to input your information and upload a screenshot of your other hotel account. I was able to match both my wife and I to Hilton Diamond. It is still no Hyatt Diamond, but it will give us breakfast at some brands and free premium internet. Hilton has not been on my radar as one of the main hotel programs I use, but they may in the future. There are a ton of credit card options for earning points with them.

So although my wife and I don’t necessarily plan to stay a lot (or at all) with either of these specific hotel chains in 2016, being able to pocket top-tier status with both Hilton and Best Western was worth the small amount of effort required.