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My Inspiration

Out the gate I want to say that the inspiration for my blog was another blogger. I know…that probably sounds really lame, but for the past year or so I have subscribed to several travel blogs and websites, and one has out-shined all of them, in my view. It is the website of Drew and Carrie Macomber, and you should really, really check it out here. The simple but catchy title is: Travel is Free. The writing is great, and I love the resources, tips, and insights that they provide.

What I love more, though, is their approach to traveling. A few of the blogs I follow are all about blowing ridiculous numbers of miles and points on luxury flights and premier hotels, where the author talks about sipping Dom Perignon 30,000 feet in the air. If that’s your thing, fine. It’s sure not mine. And that’s why I love Drew and Carrie.

Their travel style is mine, and, as a kid-less couple, their situation is mine (my wife and I plan to change that soon, however!). They do generally like comfort and stay at nice hotels, but they clearly sacrifice the first-class airplane experiences…for what? Potentially more uncomfortable flights in economy class, but substantially more travel. And, honestly, better experiences, in my opinion. I love their reviews of exploring atypical destinations and having awesome cultural experiences. They usually venture away from the resort and seek out the real heart of a place.

What my wife and I do not share with the Macombers is their living out of hotels most of the time. How they manage this, I do not know. I only assume that blogging brings in enough to cover their publicly posted expenses, and that the miles and points they accrue do the rest. It still totally amazes me that they do this. While I would be tempted to live a life like theirs (if it was feasible), my wife and I want children too much, and kids require substantially more stability than constantly traveling the world would afford. Maybe in that far off day when we are older and the kids are grown. Maybe. Unlikely.

Lastly, the Macombers explain the credit card angle on acquiring lots of miles and points (and they do it really well) but they don’t push it constantly at you, filling blog posts with links like so many others do. This I appreciate. They simply provide their readers with a wealth of resources, engaging writing, truly useful tips, and a great-looking website. My hat is off to them both.


  1. I am honored to pieces by your kind words, Ian, and so glad that you have enjoyed our blogs! Can’t wait to read more of yours.

    • pointsmileslife

      December 11, 2015 at 4:45 PM

      Thanks, Carrie!! I really hope I can keep up my own blog. Life is busy.

      I was very excited at your post about your niece’s adoption. My wife and I are currently in the adoption process to adopt two children from Costa Rica. Something I want to write about soon.

      Happy travels!

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